[InBloom] n. The state or period of greatest beauty, freshness, or vigor. v. Come into or be in full beauty or health; flourish; Become radiant and glowing.


Come, "dip in your big toe" to experience the profound effects of reflexology for yourself. Through both moving and static acupressure-like techniques, the soles of your feet are the gateway to:

Reflex points on the soles of the feet and hands, as well as on the outer portion of the ears, correspond to locations throughout the body. Stimulation of these points promote the flow and equilibrium of life force energy (known as "Ch'i" or "Qi" in the East, or "Prana" in India/Yoga) in those systems that may be stuck. The resulting relaxation and balance supports the body to maintain wellness and bloom into renewed vigor.

InBloom Reflexology is "Reiki-infused" and seeks to specialize in wellness support for busy women with feet always on-the-go and who do not take enough time to nurture themselves, as well as supporting resolution of the modern woman's most common physical blocks to the vibrant expression of Self.

InBloom Reflexology specializes in taking the Ayurvedic approach to wellness, with attention to moving and stimulating the natural flow of prana...

The vibrant "in-bloom" life force of plants and flowers are used to support the hands-on reflexology session, through Aroma Acu-Point techniques, moisturizing botanical creams, and emotion/mood-lifting flower-essence environmental sprays -- it's Flower Power to lift your body, mind and "sole"!

InBloom Reflexology is located in the Seattle/Everett area. Washington is one of the few states that has set educational and practice standards for Reflexologists. To obtain a state Registration, Reflexologists must demonstrate a prescribed level of knowledge and experience regarding technique, problems of the foot, and whole body anatomy and physiology.

Please note, Reflexologists are not doctors; we do not diagnose or treat disease. We are here to support your wellness, and provide services complementary to any treatments that you and your doctor may already have in place.