Reflexology sessions are generally available on weekend mornings; other times/days by request. Sessions last about 75 minutes. Contact me with your interest in scheduling a particular date and time.

Session fee is $80. Cash or check only, please.

Sessions are conducted at my home; directions are provided at time of scheduling. A beautiful spa-like "grounding chamber" setting provides you with a relaxing, earthy, and serene experience. Unlike massage, reflexology clients remain fully clothed. Sessions are conducted in a cat-friendly home (however, they are not allowed to hang-out in the reflexology studio).

The state, as well as the national reflexology certification board, require record-keeping, similar to what you would encounter with a massage therapist. To save time at the appointment, please click the big orange button below and print out and bring the following three forms already filled out to your first session only (however, they will be available at the session if you forget):

What to Expect

Your bare feet will wiped with warm, moist cloths, misted with an energetically grounding and aromatic spritzer, softened with moisturizing cream, and a short warm-up and relaxation sequence will be done. From there we will get on to clearing the "zones" and reflexing targeted body reflexes based on your individual needs.

For those who've heard that reflexology is "painful" -- fear not, I only apply medium pressure at most. (So if you want it hard, then this is not the place for you.) I am a believer that energy can be moved without pain. Besides, scientists have shown that the effectiveness of reflexology does not rely on the degree of pressure applied to tissue (like body massage does for working out knots) -- it functions via stimulation of nerve signals, which does not take a lot of pressure to occur. Also, reflexology doesn't tickle -- there is enough pressure applied to overcome the tickle sensation, except occasionally during a session on those who are extremely ticklish.

However, do note, that when I reflex a point that corresponds to stuck or congested energy elsewhere in the body, your feet may feel sensitivity or discomfort. Reflexing of those points can be described as "hurts good," in that your body wisdom knows that working those points will bring about benefit.

Feet, Hands or Ears?

I tend to focus on foot reflexology because it feels so good! By request, I can work on the hands and ears. Some reflexology philosophies emphasize working on all three per session, to provide a multi-pronged approach to fully clearing the reflexes. [I'm particularly intrigued with ear reflexology ("auriculartherapy") since it has been clinically studied in detail and a multitude of reflexes specifically mapped.]

Contraindications -- Please Read!

Reflexology my not be for you at this time if you are pregnant, have a blood clot or are on blood thinners, or if your feet are suffering from athlete's foot fungus or plantar warts. Those with recent sprains, ligament pulls, or breaks of the foot/ankle/hand will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Thank you in advance for allowing me to support your wellness goals!